AOW scopley. It's been tooooo long

It’s been far too long since we had our last AOW scopley. I need to face other factions in my region one in a while .if not what are regions for
I know many will say AOW is suck , and I can understand why .
Cause they play in dead regions .
If you play in a dead regions to get all those lvl up rewards and raid .
At least transfer to an active region to war

I agree, would love to be six on six or blitz or anything but read tournaments again.

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No war is worth 1k for transfer keys. Not that you can buy them now anyway, they shut transfers down. If they improved rewards people wouldn’t need to stay in quieter regions.

I’m not against AOW in 24 hr blitz form though

Blitz during the week, yes I’m down for this. Aow for a whole weekend, I’d rather feed myself to a pack of hungry wolves.


Your contributions to scopley only fuel the stupidity they keep presenting us.

There is little competition in some regions. Not enought active factions.

Thst IS Aow, no?

I meant as a full weekend event. Blitz still sucks but usually it is not long enough for me to want to feed myself to a pack of wolves. A full weekend on the other hand does make me want to.

Lol no. I paint parallels between feeding yourselves to wolves and signing up to match the top fac in your region giving them a confirmed 1st place and full milestones and yourself, a headache

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Oh lol. Our top faction usually lowers for the first wave of hits before destroying us all. They are benevolent rulers and will miss them when transfers open.

CRW is for bellends.

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