AOW Rick bug... no active

I’ve been testing out aow rick and it will not allow me to use this active ever. I allowed a team mate to die on wave 1 of 3 and for the next two waves still was not allowed to use ricks maxed active skill. I did remove him from my team, save and add him again but same shit… anyone else using him having this problem?

Can you get a video of this happening?

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Got any footage? Screenshots? Frankly, with promos like Morgan and Amber being bugged, I wouldn’t be surprised. Only difference is that Rick is f2p, therefore it’ll probably take much longer to fix.


Don’t have a video but would make one… what the best free app for this?

Have you noticed this anywhere besides SR?

Tried it and worked fine for me.

Just tested this in the last stage of the world map and was allowed to use his active… may just be a sr thing

It is just a SR thing. Same thing happens with Sandy.

If it’s only SR, the issue is his active skill is also AP gain. So he will use it early on to help gain AP and he can only use it once. Sorry just noticed twice if you have his active skill maxed. And since in SR active skills only reset when you go from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold and so on. So probably the first wave he used AP gain and now can’t use it again.

So in other words this will be fix in about… never lol

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I feel like SR has always had this active issue.

Edit: in the next stage Rick’s active is at 0 so it doesn’t reset during SR.

Active skills don’t reset between stages, only levels. So silver, gold, elite and legendary they reset

Because it isn’t necessarily an issue. I think it was addressed to work that way for SR.

It only resets every tier you move up in sr. Bronze, silver, etc.

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