AOW participation is a joke

5 of 16 factions are trying. Outside of the 5 most have 5 wars or less. And this is a wave 1 region! What a joke. And yet still seeing max recent s class promo toons. So sad. Good job killing the game gredplay.


‘gredplay’ is a bit of a stretch :wink: but I agree. I’m so bored of facing the same faction. My faction is bored. The region is bored. Everyone is bored.

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Scopley has destroyed this game through greed and players addiction. They want more and more money so they keep releasing toons that cost $5K to get, making the gap between F2P and P2P so large that people quit. Hence gredplay.


Aow was actually fun for my region this go around, we had 3 new factions move in when our previous top 3 moved out. New dynamics and teams to face. I’ve always been a fan of aow until my region started dying out. After having 16 regions crw and not being able to place anywhere close to top 50, morale was mega low. This aow was a novelty, but fun. Wouldn’t recommend it for medium to high activity regions who want to kill it, but for my dead little region it wasn’t bad.

AOW sucks. The only ones that enjoy it are the ones who get a boost in placement. Which is such an easy fix. Just scale the stupid rewards for CRW. Makes no sense.

It might help if many of us weren’t getting very delayed notifications about wars. I can even check on the war page and it will still show “searching” when the faction is actually already finishing the war. I missed almost every chance to war this weekend even when I wanted to participate.

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