AOW or CRW (again ¬¬) your opinion


so tired of facing hackers in CRW. Yet scopely does nothing…


what region you in?


In my opinion CRW milestones is way better than AOW 1st place prize and milestones combined , no one wants another siddiq pull from an overly hyped wheel !!

Also A single pull on the wheel for 1st place in CRW is insulting to the amount of effort people put in even for a top 10 spot it’s still insulting!!


I’d rather have 1 pull on a wheel than 20 tokens.


Just remember every faction 1 in each region claims the other region is hacking. You lose and not used to losing you got make up excuses.


Crw awesome separates the men from the boys.


AOW, but please 8vs8


I like both so I don’t really care which they run.


Crw is IMO the worst event in game. U less Scopely can fix their matchmaking (they won’t. Ever).

I’d take another onslaught and solo level up over CRW. And before what’s-his-face who always whines about AOW in every thread comes in, no, I’m not in the number one fact in my region.

Although the milestones were admittedly much improved last weekend, I’ll give up that much.


We’re usually top 3 for AOW. Lucky to break top 40 for AOW although we did well this weekend.

It’s a long and tedious grind. Rewards are generally trash (aside from milestones this time - but generally we never get canteens or gps anyway). Matchmaking is always atrocious because Scopely can’t figure out their asshole from their eyeball. It’s too long of an event and wears everyone down.

CRW just sucks.


This, Lol.


Well, obviously you have all the answers.
So, yes.
What you say.


Nespresso ??


It could easily change to AOW, could be CRW, could be back to back blitz, could be cancelled overall. When whatever it may goes live you will certainly know what it’s going to be, and you will participate, and you will love it, it is certain.

CRW. :hugs:


We need a normal war…CRW sucks CRW rewards are very low.So my opinion is A AOW


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