AOW or CRW (again ¬¬) your opinion


Another CRW in december??? What’s your opinion?

  • All out of war (S2)
  • Cross region war (again ¬¬)

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I hate crw bcs rewards sucks(exept milestones)


Just milestones are good.
Crw one time per month is enough. Eu need to live our lives too =/


Ok. So, why not just make it so we can have rewards for how we rank in our region? I mean, that’s what I like about AOW is cause I know our faction will rank higher and get the better rewards. Either that or Scopely needs to change the rewards tier in CRW so it aligns more closely to how we would’ve finished in AOW. I don’t mind CRW, I mind how the rewards are currently distributed. I mean, our fac usually finishes top 5 easily in our region but in CRW, we’re getting top 20 rewards. It just doesn’t equal and that’s why I complain about not having AOW. @JB.Scopely. What are the rewards this CRW? Same thing where my fac will get screwed?


The most problem is about 2 CRW in the same month. Last week, we had CRW. 12/14 we’ll have another CRW. Crw steals a lot of time of us.


You can choose to live your life in either case. Not sure the developer needs to plan events around that thought process.


Used to love CRW but the rewards are better for AOW (for the masses).

War less though since you have less opponents. Sighs…


im fine with them alternating tbh, give you a break and give you time to make teams better.


Honestly CRW is far a better event than AOW. Its definitely more enjoyable facing different factions from different regions than the same 10 over and over. But the obvious issue is the rewards. You can finish top 3 in your own region but be lucky to manage top 20 in CRW. This needs to be balanced. The milestones (which were great the 200k was a nice add) last weekend were miles better than the actual war rewards for me. It shouldn’t be this way.
They used to alternate wars which was fine. Either improve the rewards or reduce the amount of regions that face each other.


Are we assuming the milestones are remaining as they were last AOW or last CRW?

Does it affect one’s thought process here if they reset to AOW level?


Good thought. I agree. It really is about the rewards. I do love CRW, just not the rewards. Like you said, in region, we’re top 5. In CRW, we’re top 20 and maybe even lower depending on our region match-up.


This may be a dumb question. But what’s the S2 mean? I assume season 2. But I don’t know why that matters.


CRW sucks ass.
Nothing more fun than constantly getting pummeled by the same faction over and over.


They both equally stink.


CRW sucks let’s do more AOW comon Scopley please !


atleast you knwo what your up against in aow. top factions always have cheaters or bs teams but milestones balance it out which is only redeeming aspect in crw


they need to limit regions to 3 only. that way its better.


oh lord… how can people even choose AOW.

CRW - 3 sets of canteens and GPS aint enough for you? that’s about as good as it’s ever going to get.


I currently have 7 of both GPSs and Canteens. I don’t need them. If they start giving more 6 star tier 4 gear out, then it would be worth it.


Canteens and gps are pretty useless when t3 gear is so scarce. Anyway, I think people are referring to placement rewards as the issue, a faction taking 2nd in AOW got 75 victory tokens by relatively relaxed means, but in CRW most likely got 20 victory tokens for twice the efforts. Which also equals no pulls unless they bought extra tokens.