There are hardly enough regions to support active enough aow. Especially with a 200k milestone. Scopely needs to make the prizes better for ranks 11 and lower for crw and just run that. Or close dead regions and give keys to those people there to move. I know people still want to fight those in there regions thats what blitz can be for! Seriously though aow is just so awful atm something needs to be done.


I do like the local rivalry in my region but I do agree that the CRW awards need a serious update. There is no reason that we should fight 7 other regions end up in 19th or 20th to only get crap. No one wants to even try during CRW in my faction because we know even if we run nonstop we will be getting Sheit for rewards.


Can’t agree more I am in a region can’t transfer yet. Only 6 alliances with more then 20 games total so far. 8v8. Just stupid


Bump it up

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Yeah need to merge a few regions and play 6 vs 6.

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They need to better crw rano rewards and do away with aow. Even a blitz over the weekend would. Cool
6 on 6 quick wars so low factions can fill. I think most regions can verify how awful it is. There are maybe 4 or 5 factions warring somewhat regular and 3 of those do 24/7. We face the same faction 3x in a row. It’s just outright boring and hard to get 200k when you search for 10 min every time and then face the same faction you just matched . On top of that. If your not top 3 kinda pointless a you don’t have a chance at a toon. Or even more time to gain tokens
At least be4 they had a few wars to achieve a pull.

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No way wow is awesome crw needs to go scopley messes with the stats of toons way to much in crw

Crw is more fun. AOW is nice breather and helps regain can stock… plus better prizes. I’m alrifht with one crw a month… every other week is too expensive.

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No 3 shields and 2 revives need to go.


Players love voting for dead game mode.


AOW… fighting one group hours on end might aswell be even more dead.


Its dead %99 every region has 15 or so on the leaderbored with only 3 groups fighting. I find it hard see its 2nd best thing in game when sitting around wait and waiting for rank 1 over and over. oh inb4 move region no thats waste of money. Running from dead region to another dead region does not fix it.

lets wait for an hour to face rank 1 for another 5 min fight hm sounds fun and sounds very dead smh.

Aquire skills end timeout teams in 4 turns… Also said moving does not help. Almost every single regionn is dead Crw helps with this… Take sr solo and fact sr over aow

Tell us how hit 200k with out coining over and over? nah guess not. funny fact been just over 10 regions most not even lasting month by time i join them… so even with leauge still feels like another waste.

You may need it think its 2nd best mode out lmao…

Crw 1
Sr 2
raid 3
Aow 4
level 5 coz to many should be 999999

lets not forget about shit towers aow seems to have

Enjoy my fast levelings :wink:

** Knowing your enemy** ■■■■ everyone runs copy and paste team nothing new to know.

currently at 200k+ without coining once or being on all weekend :thinking::man_shrugging:

as @anon76032564 said


more like your region is alive out how many?

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