AOW instead of CRW

@GR.Scopely, we need to know till when we gonna have AOW instead of CRW? We barely have match-ups in Richland! That’s entedious, seriously! This region gonna die this way!

Sorry bud aow sucks but the rewards are amazing compared to CRW poopie


Aow sucks ass, but It would be nice to have each like 4/6 weeks

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But we won first place on the last 3 CRW of our wave… we even have another faction to come close of us at this region! :frowning:

If will not happen every time that’s alright! But if will be AOW every time we are lost :woman_facepalming:

AOW is crap because all it does is allow the wanna be whale factions hiding out in dead and or mostly f2p regions to dominate as usual and hoard all the rewards as crappy as they are.

I would personally like to see all region only events disappear and have everything become league based. With the better rewards at the highest tiers obviously that way there is no hiding or sandbagging and competition would be much more fair for everyone across the board.


Totally agree with this


Ya that would be heaven but doubt they give a fug.


Aow sucks it’s the same like 7 factions over and over again it’s just boring


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