AOW idea and stuff


1.Let us do all out war at any time
2.Let us choose if we want 3 star war 4 star wars 5 star or 6 star war.Basicly let us set rules(and bets)


“Right away sir” -Scopely


Why a 3 star war?


Why not


Wont be as fun


That’s where you’re wrong. Not too many op 3 star characters so it gives most a fair chance.


So what we all gotta level 3★ just because some guys can’t hack that they’re not king of the hill?


I’m not the one who came up with the idea, talk to the person who did.


When the game regresses to selling OP 3* characters lol


By now you mean 2030 right ?


100% no to this garbage


I have 0 3* and 1 4* terrible idea


Also this and the brilliant idea of trade system people bringing up RIP on both please


There’s no possible way AT ALL to abuse a trade system, so we should have it. I’m sure a whale will trade a Lydia for my Winter Richard.


Who said anything about trading? .This is gambling the Scopopely way :grin:


I know it will be bring up again every other month damn near someone brings it up


I feel like this is a troll and you are whooshing over everyone’s head


Um… How do we decide?


I will take it to the team early next year

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