AOW for wave 🌊 1⃣

Dear @GR.Scopely. please reconsider bringing back AOW for wave one, those were a very small amount of players voting as you can notice, You are usually depending on in game surveys and feedback. most players are not on the forum so the only way you can truly know is by in-game surveys . Thank you, and please take my sincere salutations.


Please give us AOW in lancaster. I’m tired of this ■■■■■■■ CRW shit.

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We had boring aow last time.
Only fair its crw this week


I really like aow, nothing brings life to global chat and the region like anything else. Not that many war just second begging for others to play so they improve their 95% losing score to 1st.
Last war I think the finally scores were
1st 55W
2nd 45L 7W
3rd 25L 3W
4th-8th 10 or more loses one or two with a win.
Nothing else follows.


I’ll hold judgement until I see the CRW rewards, but historically, I’ve always gotten more for AoW.

Cue the complaints of people not getting enough war tokens or can’t claim the war exclusive S-class if rewards aren’t scaled appropriately.


That doesn’t mean we should have to endure a largely more boring game-mode just because the prize structure for the more enjoyable mode is outdated. They can simply just scale the prizes and Bob’s your uncle. It’s not our fault Scopely has designed an event structure poorly lol


Since you’re at it, maybe also ask for scaled League rewards as well?

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Last time they weren’t scaled appropriately in crw and it will always be, I myself 500 cones short to get Priya, but now if they didn’t change that back guess I’m gonna have to wait for another week Smh

Only if you’re in whale faction

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not really. #2 faction in most regions get smacked by #1. with CRW they get more variety of factions. Their W/L ratio should be better

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Either way it sucks. War sucks, this weekend instead of complaining from second it’ll be both 1st and 2nd maybe even third because our region will rank low.
So I guess at the very least it makes global pop with activity.

The opposite actually. I’m in a Plat III faction. AOW we will match the unbeatable whale faction 90% of times and beatable factions 10% of time.

In CRW we will match whale factions about 50% of the time, fully beatable about 20% and contestable about 30% of the time. The fact I’m able to categorise CRW oppositon into 3 parts shows how more varied fights are lol


That is not true, because they fixed the match making, our faction matched against #1 only 2 times in the whole duration of war

Lol… Post SS (hide faction’s name). Very hard to believe

Edit… To think of it, maybe your faction had 2 Wars total?

Well it is. In my region you have the always-searching whale faction, then the steep drop off to mid-activity factions (3 of them) and them about 3 low activity factions which crop up ocassionally. One of those mid-activity will nearly always be facing the whale fac. There’s no-one else for the whales to match. The weaker facs don’t search as often to match them regularly.

I’m in a region with very high activity so We had 170 wars in total :wink:

170wars in AOW and matched #1 faction twice? ha

I’m sure it is exaggerated, but they may also be in a newer rejoin with mostly active people still so more factions to face.
In any established region it’s usually down to 3 factions at most who even try to war.

If you are in a region with low activity then it would be easier to get 7-10 rewards, which is good, because you usually need to be more than average to participate in crw

Yes, we have more than 50 factions all active