AoW - Blitz War - 1/20 - Monday 5 pm PST - 1/21 - Tuesday 5 pm PST

Greetings Survivors,

Are you ready for AoW Blitz War? :slight_smile:

Blitz War Rules

  • Start time: Monday 5 pm PST
  • End time: Tuesday 5 pm PST
  • Map: Hiltop
  • Matchmaking: 6v6


  • Mansion:
    • Strong Team members receive a large bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds.
  • WeaponSmith:
    • Tough team members gain + 20% DEF when defending camps.
  • WaterTower:
    • Alert team members receive a large bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds.


Rank Rewards 1 2 3
1 6 Shard Choices A 500 War Tokens 20 Ultra Rare Trainers
2 4 Shard Choices A 350 War Tokens 10 Ultra Rare Trainers
3 2 Shard Choices A 200 War Tokens 5 Ultra Rare Trainers
4 - 10 1 Shard Choice A 100 War Tokens 2 Ultra Rare Trainers
11 - 25 1 Shard Choice B 50 War Tokens 2 Rare Trainers
26 - 50 1 500 5-Star Recruit Tokens 25 War Tokens 1 Rare Trainer

Choice boxes

Each choice boxes will contain the following items to choose from:

Choice Box A Choice Box B
130 Blue Keys 30 Blue Keys
130 Ice Cream Cones 30 Ice Cream Cones
130 Chocolate Cake Slices 30 Chocolate Cake Slices
130 Bullets 30 Bullets
130 Vanilla Cake Slices 30 Vanilla Cake Slices
130 Aarav Card 30 Aarav Card
130 Secretary Guo Card 30 Secretary Guo Card
130 Wangfa Card 30 Wangfa Card


Milestones 1 2 3
1000 300 League Tokens 1 PVE Refill 10 Red Velvet Cake Slice
5000 800 League Tokens 5 000 Mod Scraps 25 Red Velvet Cake Slice
10 000 2000 League Tokens 10 000 Mod Scraps 50 Red Velvet Cake Slice
25 000 3400 League Tokens 25 000 Mod Scraps 115 Red Velvet Cake Slice
50 000 5000 League Tokens 1 Arena Ticket 1 Military Watch
100 000 6900 League Token 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 GPS

is it cross region like last blitz?

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Aow or crw?

yeah, lets not have a mess like last blitz and change the settings at the last minute

Top milestone is 100,000, looks like region AoW.

looking at prize structure I would expect it to be AoW…
Otherwise we could have factions ranked 50+ getting nothing

Oh that last blitz was misery!
Worst one I’ve participated in.

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NO DEFENSE TOWER WITHOUT AN ATTACK TOWER! Why do we have to explain this? Defense tower with no attack tower is down right unenjoyable for all medium tiered factions or lower… you’re ruining their experience, they CANNOT hit and or compete with higher factions because of this.

@GR.Scopely please voice this concern to them… last war was extremely unenjoyable for a lot of people with the new defensive toons being fine but the defense tower being absolutely overkill.


Why not any Princess or Daiyu cards in rewards?


Why are people asking if its CRW or AOW? Did the you read the name of the thread? Its AOW.


The information wasnt there when I first posted and have updated it later :wink:



Here is another stupid timing on an event. Blitz should be this weekend & onslaught on monday. Blitz requires people to be around.


Is this region blitz not the crap we had last time? Our faction couldn’t war on last shifest blitz

Where are the daiyu princess mercer cards?


Woohoo blitz!
And thanks for all the info plenty early :grin:


Im beginning to think that this game cant do anything right ever. People have been asking for the blitz war to return for a while. They bring it back and people still complain. Like if the game is really that bad just quit playing.

I love that we are having a Blitz war. And idc about the stupid same song and dance “people are working”. People work on weekends too. So instead of complaining either just enjoy the game for what it is or just quit.


I love blitz just hope they dont screw it up again

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Gotcha. Also will Blitz Wars be returning on a regular biweekly basis or is this jist a once in a?while thing?

Just award the placements already, most of us already know the exact order of the standings lol