AOW 6v6 since lot of us can’t transfer still

Please for us who still can’t transfer regions. But only really have 6 active factions. 6v6. I know the whale factions will cry about this but hey this way they can non stop beat on us smaller factions more often over and over over again for 2 long horrible days. PS thanks again love playing same two factions over and over

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6v6 sucks no thanks

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No, we need 30v30, like onslaught but with no rewards and everyone has to cue up at the same time to start.


Lol I remember 12v12 wars and it was bs. I would like 6v6 too as there are not gonna be any blitz wars soon

Sucks for the top factions, but get more wars in as the smaller factions fill much easier. Although they get burned out from having to face the top factions every war and stop warring altogether


This. Its a double edged sword in that regard, easier for smaller factions to queue up but as you say they then invariably face the top 2/3 more often and get fed up with getting spanked moe quickly than if it was 8v8

I don’t think there is a one size fits all solution with AOW anymore

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Hence why aow needs to go away!!! It’s been extinct since 5 Stars like the only thing you old timers hold onto.

The solution is to get rid of all 6*s with no compensation.


6v6 could be interesting if the same faction could fight in two battles simultaneously. Activity should be rewarded.

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4v4 please

The motivation for these tokens, without 200k milestone and no canteens and gps (if it happens as I expect it) might lead to the worst war to date imo.

wait you guys don’t sound excited to face the same three factions over an over again, what is this madness?

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They need do some mega CrW. I mean. All the op toons came out in the last 6 months. Time in server really means nothing compared to games geared to more ftp. Where takes years to upgrad buildings and troop lvls. 16 region war. Be perfect.

We need a mini CRW where it is 2v2, and rewards are bronze mods and 5 food. Top 3 factions get 5 maxes Mackenzie’s.

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