AOW - 11/01 - 11/03 / Friday 10 am PDT - Sunday 5 pm PDT ⚔

Greetings Survivors,

Are you ready for the next AoW upcoming war?


  • Starts: Friday 10 am 11/01
    • AoW - New Realms
  • Ends: Sunday 5 pm 11/03
  • Map: Hilltop
  • Matchmaking: 6v6


  • Mansion:
    • :strong: team members gain +20% ATK when attacking camps and strongholds
  • Weapon Smith:
    • :fast: team members gain +120 CRIT when attacking camps and strongholds
  • Water Tower:
    • :alert: and :tough: team members receive a large bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds


Rank Rewards 1 2 3
1 12 Choice Box 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 6 War Choice Box A
2 9 Choice Box 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 5 War Choice Box A
3 8 Choice Box 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 4 War Choice Box A
4-7 7 Choice Box 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 3 War Choice Box A
8-10 5 Choice Box 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 2 War Choice Box A
11-15 4 Choice Box 2 Lilith & 2 Ulysses 1 War Choice Box B
16-20 3 Choice Box 1 Lilith & 1 Ulysses 1 War Choice Box A
21-30 2 Choice Box 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 War Choice Box C
31-50 1 Choice Box 1 Ultra Rare Trainer 5000 5-Star Recruit Token


Each choice boxes will contain the following items to choose from:

  • 50 Blue Key
  • 50 Ice Cream Cone
  • 50 Chocolate Cake Slice
  • 50 Bullet
  • 50 Vanilla Cake Slice
  • 50 Aarav Card

Each War choice boxes will contain the following items to choose from:

War Choice Box A War Choice Box B War Choice Box C
200 War Tokens 300 War Tokens 10 War Tokens
50 Half Rotten Head 75 Half Rotten Head 5 Half Rotten Head


Milestones 1 2 3
1 000 500 Elite Item Token 1 Bronze Mod 10 Red Velvet Cake Slice
5 000 1500 Elite Item Token 2 Silver Mods 25 Red Velvet Cake Slice
10 000 2000 Elite Item Token 1 50/50 Gold Silver ModBox 50 Red Velvet Cake Slice
25 000 4 War Choice Box C 2 Gold Mods 115 Red Velvet Cake Slice
50 000 6 War Choice Box C 1 Arena Ticket 1 Canteen
100 000 8 War Choice Box C 2 Arena Tickets 1 GPS
150 000 12 War Choice Box C


Realm Name Wave Groups
Barnwell (EN) 3 AOW
Richland (PT) 3 AOW
Saluda (ES) 3 AOW
Cannon (EN) 3 AOW
Dyer (EN) 3 AOW
Hamilton (TR) 3 AOW
Davidson(EN) 3 AOW

Can you post the CRW rewards again please?

So you have to decide if you want half rotten heads for Kapoor or rather war tokens for the wheel instead of just giving us both because the players don’t deserve it.


They announced ages ago you would have to choose between the two options.

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Fair enough. It won’t be a problem for me anyway.

@Phoenix yes absolutely working on the post currently :slight_smile:



Cannon isn’t suited to AoW. You are probably going to drive players away if you keep giving AoW to regions not fit for it. Please can we have CRW back.

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Humphreys should have AOW, it’s a very young region and can’t stand a chance in crw

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Maybe some better rewards too!


Thank you

Can’t wait to get shit rewards in CRW, then hear about players complaining about not getting enough S-class collectibles.


Choice boxes are the best but worst thing that happened to us…


Gold or plat mods?
Thought they would be obtainable…
We’ll soon see

Well they are, you can buy them in the SR depot.

The introduction of Platinum mods specifically included:

We hope to not invalidate Gold Mods with this update, and believe that players will live in a mixed Gold and Platinum Mod world for a long time.

The only way to do this realistically is to make sure that it’s really hard to get one.

Gold mods should have worked this way from the beginning, I was really surprised they handed them out like candy almost right from the start.

Richland will die! We cannot take anymore! Another AOW! OMG!!! Why??? We built the faction to win CRW not to fight against factions that we end up in 3 minutes maximum! Check the last results Scopely, it’s an enormous difference between 1st and 2nd place! This is so boring, a lot of players are thinking about to give up on this game!

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Same for Cannon

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Don’t answer this request Scopely, Creators of khaos from Richland- PT are a region-dominating faction, they don’t let other factions nor raise their weapons, use dubious means to gain characters, use spies, entice members of other facs, humiliate everyone else. . Let them stay only in the region they devastated. KKKKKKKKKKK

What countries are in PT region? Creators of Khaos is a really good fac

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PT is portugese then brazil and portugal