Anyword on Christmas event?


Yeah,20 word minimum




Surprised they didn’t do an advent calender with a solo level up event behind every window


Wouldnt be difficult for scopely to give us an event Calendar and everyday a little bit gear…


Another crapy token event with some boring AF roadmaps. No tokens in any of the events. And some trash in a wheel?
Oh but loads of premiere recruits to buy. Sounds fun.


nope a lot of games do too, just shows how little this company cares


farm thee stage 600000000000000 times to get enough pieces to do one pull


My guess is a farmable roadmap with some bauble tokens to pull the 5* ascendable christmas Rick on another crappy RNG wheel while they shit out more overpowered toons in promos!


Christmas event will be chances to purchase all the winter toons they showed us


There will be a wheel with characters and weapons, you would be able to complete a roadmap with shiva and zeke, it’ll grant you 30/100 % tokens to make a single pull, achieving milestones will grant you from 30 to 50% and in the end you’ll be 40-20 % short on doing it when they’ll launch unbelievable offer in which you can buy tokens


They’ll give us the worst toon of them all Richard, and have us pay for the rest.