Anyway to get more aces?

Is there any way to get more aces without paying now there aren’t any Rick’s from milestones? I foolishly used some of my Rick’s for tokens before they announced they would be useable for aces.

Without paying? No way, since the event ends tonight I suppose not much is going to happen.

The only thing I noticed besides spending was a box in the featured section a day or two ago, but I don’t think it has returned. It was a chance box paying out aces for 900 coins.

100 dollar offers lol thing is that 900 coin thing had a good chance to only get 5 aces so if you wasnt lucky then you would have to spend more then 900 coins depending on how much your missing

Scopley is full of Aces

If you haven’t maxed the kings exchanges, then you can trade tens for kings and those in turn for aces. Otherwise just the jacks and queens…

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