Anything special today?

Is there anything planned like a special road map or anything today?

Yeah a 24 hr sr event where you have to spend real money to complete for mediocre prizes … merry Christmas :joy::joy::joy:


Damn… That is very disheartening.


Scopely: here have your Christmas gifts and prizes !!!


Lol yeah that’s about the jist of it

lol - good one @Boyka

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They should do a zero energy SR tourney so u can farm as much as you want for a day


You can finish elite using natural energy. So it’s hardly a huge money grab by Scopely. The 550 coin offer will easily let you finish the road.

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Coin offer, Lmfao.:joy:


I think comments like this should be kept to yourself


Why? Because it goes against the river of emotion against Scopely? Most of which is justified, but a lot of which is just exaggeration. Plus, what I said is the truth. 8 levels every two hours on a 24 hour event. That’s 96 game levels. NEARLY the end of elite.

Nearly is not good enough. And without any sleep. This is why this game sucks right now.


I beat all the SR tournaments without using cans, however 99% of the community doesnt want to spend their entire christmas day and night staring at this garbage event


So they can just ignore the SR event. For many people worldwide, this is just another day. Scopely made it for nuggets, an optional prize. Not something essential to gameplay. Just because the event is something people doesn’t want to do, doesn’t make it a bad event. Just something they aren’t a part of.

So whats the point of mentioning you can complete it if youre on your phone nonstop the whole tournament or if you spend coins?
No point.

Also, christmas is celebrated worldwide, and is christmas to most of the world, not just another day

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For better or worse, Scopely has committed to providing us an event every single day. At least they are honoring that promise.

Yess bring on the solo level ups and SR tourneys normal people have to spend money on to finish!! So great

^ Scopely Spy


Because I didn’t say you could finish it, I said you could nearly complete elite. Which enables you the poor to decent drop prizes, as well as the completion prizes, as well as nuggets some may still need for Wyatt or gear. All things that are counter to the description of it being a “garbage event”.

And again, the benefit to survival road is you log in for 5 minutes every few hours, and can spend the rest of your time how you like.

Definitely scopely spy^
Maybe the dad of a new employee trying to boost motivation

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