Anything special about the 100th 6* star?



Is there gonna by any special event for 100th 6* star? I hope it is, those toons made this game a better one :smiley:


They really didn’t


They have counting problems. Doubt they even know when the 100th is.


Perfect is 430.


And you’ll still be able to 1shot him and her with the 400% increased damage attack towers


Destroyed him with that 200 iq response


I was just being an ass…

I think @Khronical is spot on, in terms of it being an OP mofo (Princess?) but it would be cool if it’s a legacy. There’s a chance it gets an event, as it may be October before we get there. I assume #99 comes out this upcoming weekend.


#100 needs to be Carley or Duane

Not because their special, but because we’ve been waiting long enough


False Perfect is 350*


Huh? Whassitdo?



6 stars definitely did not make the game better. 5 star tokens are almost useless, prestige wheel used to be at least a bit better than it is now, and 4 star wheel is 99% worthless at this point (the other 1 % is for ascending but almost nobody does that to 4 stars anymore)


It’s not that 6★ didn’t make the game better, it’s that the game economy didn’t shift enough to account for it. For example, Basic tokens still being a reward


I think the toon might be Michelle the Whisperer, they might do her f2p of Something


First orange trait.


100th 6*? You think they’re even keeping count? The only thing they’re counting is that stack of benjamins that those with more money than sense keep adding to.


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