Anything over S8++?


So my best teams are only S8++ each one still has at least 1 silver mod and the weapons still need improving but some out there have higher. Faction mate of mine had S9


i have an S9 team that is due to mods mix of gold and silver mods im F2P

i havent seen any one as S10 yet in my region but one player in league got 3.4 ratio (Multiplier) which means he has S!) team imo opinion for S10 one needs premium toons plus all gold mods.


May be you need to put erika as lead try that may be that gives you S9

also make you attack and defense teams same in order to get correct league trophies


You don’t have to keep it changed. I changed it back and I’m still getting league trophies. Im thinking someone needs all good max stat mods to get S10. And with erika lead it’s still the same. Ive tried lots of different combos. Once I have blue carl maxed I’ll try some with him


Honestly think 4 barkers with max mods and weapons plus a Carl lead also max mods and weapons will get u to s10.



That should be useful. Im struggling to get past S9+.


My best team is S9+ atm.


mine is s8++ and the only thing I face with my weak ass mods and 1/3 upgraded weapons is revive 'n shields fully gold modded maxed out weapons stun resists up the whazoo… on the other hand my baby account with 2 6* T3 is S5 now and the only thing it faces is 4* teams 1-2 5* in it at max… I auto literaly every single raid on it


I was just about to suggest weapons myself. I have the same issue, and All I can see is I don’t have maxed out weapons.


Did you ask a question and then answer it in the same paragraph? You wrote your faction mate has S9


My defense is s9 and I do have a HP and defense mod on all 5 of my defense toons don’t know how S10 is even possible


I was hoping people would post teams s9 or higher so I could see. I already knew it was possible


Oh! Yea it has more to do with weapons and mods. Most will have same toons.


I am f2p and here is the s9 grade team I am able to setup.


My defense is S9+ due to mods but If anyone has a S9++ or higher plz post your team as i’m curious what toons and mods you have.


The multiplier is bugged


Do the new road map you will see teams well beyond that


Those are like S999++ teams


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