Anything one else not getting cupids bows?

So I just realized that in this heartbreak event cupids bows were a login reward. However it isn’t showing up for me. Has this happened to anyone else?

First of all it’s not “anything one” but “anyone”.
Just helping for better english.

I doubt they ever intended for F2P to get the full 5 pulls.

I haven’t missed a login, haven’t missed all 90 Heart Necklace milestone in any event yet I’m positive I will only get 3 pulls by time SR is over because this, like so many other events these days, was not meant for F2P. It’s all a money grab.

I will most likely end with 450 Heart Necklaces (3 pulls worth) and 9/2 bows. One short of 5 pulls even if there were to be some miracle drop of 300 more Heart Necklaces.


Is this how Live Ops plans to run things from now on?
Please tell me now so I can sit out the reminding events.

Thanks for breaking everyone’s hearts.

All going to plan.


Would you rather have had no pulls?


For the insane amount of time I ignorantly waste on this digital addiction… I expect to at least have a fighting chance to complete the event with nothing more than rage grinding.
Not everything has to be a money grab… Unless yer $C$O$P$E$L$Y

Or any business.

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tbh who cares pulled non 6 stars for all 5 anyway

So you must have spent to already pull 5 non-ascendables.
Sorry you didn’t get anything of use.

Hold up, you’re set to make 3 pulls. 3 chances on the same wheel. Even if you spend, that’s only 2 extra chances.

So this is absolutely a F2P event. You can make 3 of 5 available pulls

What is the problem with a company trying to make money run an event where players can get three free pulls for just playing regular events and they try and sell the last two? I guess they would just be better off making everything like this new premium roadmap since players are unhappy with free stuff anyway. Might was well let them be unhappy with no free stuff.

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I guess they live in Eastern Europe Circa. 1940’s - 1991

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Not everything is gonna be check inbox for your free toon. 3 of 5 pulls would not qualify as a non f2p event imo. The premium roadmap up is p2p.
Anywayz to the op all my bows have been there but if you just realized as stated than there was likely a 24 hour timer so they are gone. Pretty sure the in game message stated what would be available and where.

Well, excuse me for being a stickler for math.
You advertise you will allow 5/5 to be collected; in the past, there was always a path (through sleepless nights and never-ending grind) to obtain 100% of the required items

The new meta is to display a chance at getting 5/5 or 12/12 but only allow you to naturally gain 75% of those.
Being forced to spend for the remainder.

Welcome to end game times
@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely

Nope. I can recall several collections where you couldn’t get the full amount without spending, since they removed past collections I can’t check for names. Harvest, halloween, anniversary probably all fit to this bill. They left leeway to anyone buying extra turns. You’re free to make pulls on the collection and free to have a chance to win (although technically a 5* is still a prize, so you win upon completing the collection), it is therefore F2P. This isn’t new and calling it ‘end game times’ is frankly daft.


I already got 5/5
Didn’t get any ascendables either. So it’s probably fine if you miss a pull.

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