Anything else coming to the RoadMap for this weekend?


I appreciate the 2 part roadmap that is there for a week but over this weekend will we be getting anything new-ish to spend our energy on? @kalishane

Roadmap looks empty for the start of the weekend but I do believe something else is coming since Rise To Power is starting but I just sort of want to know (maybe others as well) if we should expect something (Doesnt have to be a complete spoiler but I do like to manage how I spend my energy and refills).



Yeh. I am wondering the same


I am assuming that part two of Alexandria should be popping up to replace the negan roadmap.

Is this correct? Will additional road maps be available this weekend?


I hope not. Im in serious need of just some regular farming lol


Getting shirts and gloves is one thing. But of course, when I farm, I at least want to get some 3 or 4⭐ weapons. Rosa and other droppers ain’t cutting it, sadly. If they ran the UG or regular gear roadmap everyday, I’d be better off.