Anyone wanna guess what this means?


I never used “cash grab” type of thing, stop telling fairytales, you sir making me post off topic right now in a very interesting thread, so please stop. Not gonna reply to you furthermore.


Nice. Another buggy, hackable, laggy, and glitchy new event we all can enjoy, for the low price of $29.99 per boss battle, or wait 48hrs to refresh without paying. Lol


I am really optimistic about that one. Its looking pretty goddamn awesome.
And if Negan have a Tank i am happy.

Just think like this:

That is the amount of how awesome this one will be:



So it’s not a hint of the event? I got excited :sob::sob::sob:


You’re right. Imma keep all judgements aside, and wait till it releases and play it.


I think it means “Whose side are you on?” It’s (there’s another one right there) confusing I know, but “who’s” is the contraction, “whose” is possessive. Exceptions to the rules.

Normally idc about grammar and spelling, but being a public post and all…


Thank you! I was going to point that out, too :joy: As it’s written it basically says, “Who is side are you on?”

Also it ends the sentence in a preposition, but that doesn’t bother me. Just wanted to make it known :wink:

Like you said, it’s the officialness of it coming from Scopely that made me cringe. I bet it was a bug…


No! But Faction Assault is (hopefully) in beta today!

Also – this week is Alpha week!


Sorry guys – I’ve never written out “Whose side are you on.” Had one of those moments where I the word “whose” didn’t look like a word!


Thank for pointing that out!


If you’re ever confused about which one to use, try saying the sentence with “who is” instead of who’s to see if it makes sense :grinning:


By Alpha week you mean the premiere recruit on friday will be Alpha??


Pretty much, but it also means that Alpha will be the spotlight character in the next Act that opens.


Yeaaaa not sure why that didn’t click with me until later.

Me this morning:


Can’t wait for The Whisperers. Alpha, Beta, Lydia… Some New Guy xD


Give us an alpha 6* preview before vk does, will be a nice change. Players are speculating about Alpha and Beta for ages, seeing scopely ahead of vk on those leaks can be a positive thing lol


Hmm, i posted a Picture above the Faction Assault and 1 hour later we get the information that it is in the Beta…




Wasn’t this an in game announcement weeks ago?


This game is starting to stray to far from comics :frowning:


Sir, could you please accept my deepest apologies for my disbelief ? :joy: Yet to see Beta in fight but all new chars looks amazing and with great gameplay potential


“Sometimes” the developers know better than VK :rofl: