Anyone wanna guess what this means?



Looks like we get to choose which one we want.


Is it the new Panzer Event with Negan? I saw it recently on VK and it looked awesome!


Pic, or it didn’t happen


But i think ur idea is better :slight_smile:


This is how you know communication at Scopely is at an all time low and on display.

FB announces something the forum keeps asking updates about.


It’s an engagement post to get players discussing villains.
Made it myself to talk to players on social – no conspiracy theory here.


Choose who you gonna pay for lol, Alpha and Beta is not in the game, they upload characters way before starting event and they weren’t Data mined. Governor already has been in the promo = no museum collection. Dwight gonna be half free, negan is the next themed promo at the last week.


They weren’t data mined because they’re hidden in a herd of walkers, so it is hard to find them :wink:


No Dwight vs Jesus Part 2? :confused:


Haha that’s funny but I ain’t buying on this one, with all respect :fist:


You can pull limited Dwight from promo or prestige tokens


No i just mean the Idea of it with the: “You can only choose one, choose wisely”!

The Museum last year


Look, can we keep comments like this out of the forum. a lot of people always want to say something along the lines of “choose who you gonna pay for lol” yes they are running a company and run promos and want to sell stuff, but why the negativity all the time? try to share something productive please or on topic or be optimistic or share what you like about it instead of always resorting to “typical scopely cash grab” type comments.


No Dwight vs Jesus Part 2? :confused:

The "You can only choose one, choose wisely” thing?


Nah you’ve missed the point, these characters are a long journey, they were awaited since the ark in comics and give them away would be kinda you know stupid, people gonna pay for them and pay a lot, nothing bad in paying for what you like. You’d better stop prejudicing people on the forum pal.


If I have to choose sides its going to be the governor but now i have to talk my faction into that decision.

@EternalEnemy I read all your posts and I understand the point and I think I nailed it. I am not trying to prejudice, but comments like yours draw others in the share comments of the same type. “scopely cash grab” “choose who you gonna pay for”




I would haven taken the better one if i could choose :smiley:


but we dont know who the better one is at this point, and if anyone else does know who the better one is at this point then they are getting their hacked information from VK, because I only seen limited information on this so far.