Anyone using Guo on attack?

I see all those s class talks, but Guo seems one of the least talked toons.

He is bugged so but work good but angel bring him down


What Raz said, his active skill is currently bugged. When that is fixed he will probably be talked about more tbh

I dont remember what is bugged about it

yeap he not relevent

his active skill- it always gives ap to self and one other, instead of following conventional ap gain rules/ patterns?

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I was using him and he was pretty good. Made sure I had a toon I wanted ARing on Turn 2. With his bug he is then ARing turn 3 rather than 2 toons ARing turn 2.
I had been considering running him in a team with Laopo even with the bug. With a very large to huge lead if course. This will mean Laopo goes off T2 on attack. Which is game-set-match at that point.
Say Andrea-Laopo-Guo-Hengyen-Angel. Angel will help prevent anyone gaining too much ap from Doc T1. Andrea prevents any other toon being controlled or killed. Then Laopo practically incapacitates the opponents full team turn 2. Guo and Hengyen then AR turn 3 for some hefty damage and bleed.
Replace Angel with Diego for a quicker win.

I sometimes use guo on atk. Guo teams are slow, but still almost 100% auto atk success rate. So good for those warring while watching netflix etc. Lol

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Honestly I could see guo and minerva being a absolute bastard together on def
Daiyu is someone I’d love for raultio when I get him but for now I’ll make do with jiafeng

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Ah does it Geez, was thinking Guo lead, Aavar Aavar Dale and doc or Alice, was hoping his active would replace Doc ffs @Numba1stunna would this team work

I think a guo team when not as lead could be decently fast tbh - that 60% ap would be nice to leverage -> priya, guo, princess, alice (def down / attack up) and command. Turn 1 normal attack, turn 2 active guo give ap to princess and alice -> rush alice for +75 attack, can use princess active to normalize or just rush attack - attack with priya and command rush her etc – just an example - I like theory builds

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this is being looked into though - we are expecting a fix

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Ok only need 800 for S-class, I’ll keep collecting Ty

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I’m going to be working on him too tbh - even with angel out there a nice placed daze to her will help

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He does bleed and burn? Lacerator and cutthroat might work nice with that

Not my guo. I dont use him as lead no more cause I have mercer. But I still take out groups 2-4 round

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