Anyone use ryker

Anyone use this guy. Looks like he could be badass

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i wish i did. He is so awesome. He is like john wick if you played the story map when it was playable


Use him as a profile pic :smirk:


Wouldn’t mind having him


I know someone who does , no decap but she still beats dble shield triple revive teams using him . So i guess hes okay :wink:

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@Lockdown :thinking:

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Hits hard but at 85ap needs some good complimentary toons.

to build a good ryker i suggest a donny lead, christmas fast lori for ap, a new threat gov for even more ap, red lifesteal jesus, and a command glen. Or if by some act of god you get fast doc stevens go for him instead of lori. He has a faster recharge rate and heal over time for 4 turns

dude count. That is 5 toons. The extra are optional

Wish I did to go with Alice

I count 6


In the list that you quote goes as followed
Donny lead, Christmas Lori, A new threat gove, Red Jesus, And command glen where in here are 6 toons my guy

also clearly you missed ‘instead of lori’

How does Ryker fit on that team if you have 5 there?


Hits harder than sandy only down side is no decap.

I think hes cool wouldn’t mind having him plus the double atk on his weapon, he can hit up to 4 times on rush.


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