Anyone tested Moira yet?

I mean elusive & focus to all is op asf pretty sure she’d work gr8 along with laopo and scarr tbh I justed ascended her but u would like to hear if someone tried yet and what teams she work best with

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Elusive OR focus. Not both

I tried her out on a few teams, here are my observations:

  • The elusive is nice but a little late. By turn 3, the other team usually has a few rushes already ready to go and you’ll still need to something to control them. And against top teams with Dr Stevens, turn 3 is far too late, rushes will be going off turn 2.
  • Focus to all for 2 turns is always nice. If you don’t have Alice or you want to replace Kate with a six star, this could work. But keep in mind she doesn’t have attack up, so if your team relies on that, she won’t work.
  • If she is the only green on your team, Christa will kill her by turn 4. Even a human shield can’t protect her, since Christa can give herself focus on turn 3. If your team is relying on elusive to keep the other team in check, this is where things will fall apart.
  • Her bleed rush pairs nicely with Lacerator characters, but the bleed damage is still on the low side. Against a lot of the teams, the damage output was just too slow and I couldn’t get everyone down fast enough.

Ultimately I found her decent enough but she didn’t provide enough that I couldn’t get with other stronger characters in my roster.


Did see her in a def team and she was actually not bad. Of course easy to kill when you use your red attack toons. Honestly I wouldn’t use her, perhaps to a different time when I have a better melee def team.

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U sure u playing this game?

Interesting. The way that reads it implies that the team mates who get focus don’t get elusive. I stand corrected. Shitty wording from Scopely though.

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