Anyone solve it yet?

Just want to see whom is going to help post what the answers are


T - Level up The Governor “Road to Survival” #2 x20 (get him from the T roadmap)
I - Use 20 Molotovs
N - Defeat Negan “Call to Arms” x5 (payback Negan)
S - Win 10 raids in a row with all 5 alive (could be 12 raids)
E - Gain 3 cans
L - Level up your player level


I dont think the raids one is that simple. I just did 3 raids and won them all but nothing changed.

I did 10 in a row and still nothing my guess is win with full squad alive

raids 5 alive i believe

Yeah I had to win more than 10 but idk the exact amount. I put 10 cause it says 10. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Even with all five alive I had to win more than 10 to complete it. :thinking:

in a row? maybe glitching then but need to check more

Yes, I think it’s bugged.

that’s going to be a hard one. They shouldn’t have it


Could it be 10 raids without using AR?

No, I used AR.

It’s 10 in a row with all 5 alive

yup going to be impossible with raid searches just giving me the top 200 with 5 S class characters :l


Raid bots with dropped def or something

What does it mean by beat payback negan? Is it a stage on the roadmap? Because doesn’t work on friendly duels


My question as well. Halfway through bear hunt roadmaps and haven’t seen him yet.
I guess raid? But he doesn’t really show up there for me either

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Anyone finish the kill payback Negan?

I have 2/5 so far only one person has it in raid and I think the protection is up so can’t find the person no more.

So it’s payback Negan in raids?