Anyone seen new promo?

Anyone seen the new promo yet?

Hoping they run Alice again… Please please please. I have more money to throw at you Scopely…

That’s all you had to say

Are you kidding, I don’t need to announce it here. They already hack my bank account and know when they are funds there.


Blue Carl to the museum is the only thing that is certain…


I heard it’s a brand new 6* Piecost

Maybe we should all do that for playing this game for so long lol

Red command dale

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If your gonna spend, It should be for Alice… she’s that good. If utilized properly, it’s a three turn win Everytime.

Already got Alice

Smart man.

Best attack team as of now. Alice lead, Harper, Chris, Sandy (decap) and Ajax with a stun.

I’m a ftp. Alice, Bruce, 2 shivas

Was thinking of trying for Pam but would like to see what’s next first

Pam is pretty meh, I wouldn’t bother with her personally

when they try 40 pull and they still fail at the ending and everyone else is happy about it xD


Wasn’t thinking about Pam for def, I was for offense. Maybe she could taunt all these revives for 3 rounds. Put her in behind alice

If your f2p wait for sandy to come around. Decap sandy that is. Defense is overrated.

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Well my best guess would be yellow, seeing is how most all the last toons have been the other traits.

With the current leaks, that would mean that it’s either finally going to be Michelle with her abs defense knives or this other dude. But the guy has his own series title, and none of the other leaks have it, so he might be an event toon.

As stated above, it might be the new red Dale, but we don’t know if he’s a command yet.

The last possibility, is tough Julie. Her weapon offers double attack.

Didn’t see those other leaks. Thank you!