Anyone see anything wrong with these mods?



Since it’s a violation of privacy policy to point out a specific player, I thought I would just post these photos, and ask your opinions on what you see. Are any of you naive enough to believe these mods are legit?


Defence mods along with leader skill and weapon stats make it possible for characters to have stats like that.


Some get lucky with their mods, some are hard core spenders.


Perfect rng on leveling up mods, 25 times?


The stats aren’t the issue… On a system of RNG, This player managed to obtain 20 absolutely perfectly rolled mods, which also happened to be in the same set? I don’t know about you, but I have spent plenty, and don’t have ONE perfect mod, let alone 20. This is in no way, shape, or form legitimate.


Not saying this is legit. I’m saying it can happen.


Yeah this is super fishy


I completely agree. Question is will anything ever be done about it.


Mods… just another avenue for Vk buyers to abuse the game.


Most likely nothing sadly


I want those!

I only got like 3 perfect mods… But never on a trait matched set.


Morfeo provides this service you’d think after all these years scopes would find a way to ip ban him .


What, no one else’s mods get perfect rolls every time?


Yeah I noticed the perfect mod set right away. It is almost impossible to get one perfect mod, let alone all 25.


Must be legit, 2 of the weapons aren’t perfect… so obviously this is just some very good fortune :joy::roll_eyes::crazy_face:


Yeah there’s no way in hell that’s gonna get classified as lucky. It’s he has like 650x2 one from a single mod and one from Def mod matchups, on most toons. Anyone who belive this is legit can suck a lemon


I have 150 gold mods and I’ve prob sold another 30-40, and I’ve never even gotten 1 perfect mod.


Lulz… naw.


How is Scopely’s code really so crappy that people are able to hack together weapons and mods. SMMFH


Any code may be cracked with patience and ressources.

Question is why Scope doesnt give a effing damn about all these vk’s and such ???