Anyone received any beehives form arenas?

Not received any through attacking or through rankings so did they forget or will it start from next week?

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It’s starting from next week. Someone said in another thread it was confirmed on the other place.

The only problem i see from this event is … it says in the blog we can get 40 token for free … but its not clear how … from the mission we get 10 … and looking at timer in roadmap it looks like it will come back 2 more time … and this road map giving 5 total assuming same would be given in next 2 total we will get 15 from road map … and that’s 25, where is rest … am i missing something :thinking:


No you’re not missing anything. Unless I am too :laughing: just have to wait and see how they make the other 15 available, it’s a 5 week event so I’m sure they’ll have other things planned.

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Event info says:

You will be able to use the Bee Hives as energy in the Story Roadmaps for the event. Each week, a new chapter will become available

So there should be 5 roadmaps (maybe 6, but that would only leave one day to finish the last one). Still not 40 (unless they go for the 1-day roadmap), but much closer.

Anyway, it also says:

Bear Paw Tokens, […] will also be available as rewards from […] other limited-time events in September

I’m more worried about bee hives tbh - you need lots of them and extras seem to have little use, which makes them a bad SC gift unless they give out much less than required. Maybe the arena can make up for that, so that it just means SC members don’t have to burn so many tickets.

But I can see a lot of people coming up short on this one, and if you don’t make it, extra collectibles only go toward old event toons that many people will already have. Strange design.


Don’t forget the map ain’t free man

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5 from rm x5 = 25
10 from login mission

So missing 5 atm from the calc. Most likely final rm will give out 10.

Given the bar’s set fairly low in LU and raid for getting all the hives it makes me think it will either continue for arenas (sufficient drop from 1 per day) or mad to try and farm. I think it will be the former but the critical thing it seems in this event is to log in and complete everything each day as there appears to be no wiggle room to miss a day.

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Chances are the last 5 will have a p2p feel. Maybe coming top in arenas or something. And then theyll sell chances of getting them in some ridiculous 0.1% chance bag at $20 each but youd only win 1 so itll cost you atleast $100

Hope its farmable saved 15 tickets for it

Yep bee hives will be needed alot, you need at least 128 to finish the whole 10 acts.
And I hate the fact that we are going for it in the dark… we don’t have the whole schedule ahead of us so we can’t really plan a strategy we have to get every thing they throw at us bcs we don’t even know if we going to be able to get 40 without the need of paying any money at the very end,like they do all the time!


What’s new then?!? :joy:

Do an event for 4 out the 5 weeks before it becomes clear you could/should have worked harder/not bothered as much

Like, when in the last year or so? Princess and Dylan were clear that we would not get there free before the end.

Oh Dylan was a huge disappointment

I don’t mind to wait, it’s not like I’m spending any money, I just hope is doable F2p and just bcs it’s “free” doesn’t mean that we don’t need to spend in other resources . And if you miss just one token, that will cost too if you want the Bear.

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