Anyone receive their christmas gift yet

Just wondering did anyone receive their gift or is this another reneging by scopely, in the second day we gave you fuck all, it would be just like them too.

I got my toy robot and 2 bradys

That’s for completing the carnage it’s not the free gift.

Is there supposed to be a free gift every day from now until xmas?

There is a new collection each day with a reward!

Each day is different some are better than others!


So what we get for completing the carnage roadmaps is the gift then.

This has to be the worst event all year and that’s saying something, so underwhelming and I had very low expectations.


It’s still early. If on the 5th or 6th day it’s t4 6* gear that would be awesome. hopefully it’s not a let down. It definitely has potential. Hoping for at least 3 pulls by the time it’s all said and done.


No daily gifts?
I want to say that the only thing we receive every day are unfulfilled promises, is not it?


I got to admit. Yesterday I was doing everything I could to defend you guys. Giving us a gift day one and not giving us a free gift day 2 really does suck.

You could have given a world energy, or Raid can, or a bloody shirt for Christ’s sake. Anything would have fit better than nothing

Day 1 one item, day 2 two items, day 3 three items,. I understand we’re supposed to farm your stupid map to earn something, how about the free gifts it’s Christmas.


with being able to carry over the globes and mistletoes it pretty much is a free gift everyday.

Free cheers for the red, white, and blue?

I got a free gift it was in the store cost was free it was 2 robots and a world and raid can. I have 4 robots now on day 2

Oh boy. I hope day 3 gives us 8 HP replenish. My team needs the extra hp boost.

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That free gift is one that everyone should have received.

The issue is the wording in @Kalishane 's post wasn’t clear and it sounded as though there would be a free gift each day of this event, similar to how you received that first free gift.

I know that I read it expecting a free gift in the offers each day.

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

They are free items – and were part of the “12 days of” event

Someone asked me if it was only a premium event – so I was clarifying these items are free a while back

I feel the exact same way, @Locky

Are there free gifts or only from the museum?