Anyone pulling?

So anyone pulling on the new wheel, what’s your opinion on these new wheels… I personally am saving to pull when the wheels go back to “normal”… If they ever do that is.


Yep ill save coins from leagues etc if they ever return double chances normal promo wheel, dont like this

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This wayland wheel seems like it’s back to normal.

being saving my coins since September this has all been achieved by leagues divisons player levels daily missions/tv adds

Exactly what i am doing , i did 50 pull and got crappy 6* so i will just wait for double chance odds

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Did a single pull, understandably didn’t get anything worth it. May do a 10 pull later with tapjoy coins

I am going for 100 or more !

Stay tuned :open_mouth:



Good luck post the pulls when do :slight_smile:

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Did you get them from vk 4,000 rubs

LoooL it’s from Amazon (I am Ambassador) + TapJoy + Save from league.


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Ok cool cool , just curious kinda impressive flex never seen anyone with that much coins before… You gonna be doing a huge pull soon I checked your YT

Got him ascended already and he’s been nice so far.


I am one of the unluckiest in this game… I already had more coins and nothing came out. I always expect the worst anyway :zipper_mouth_face:

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GG !!
How many pulls ?

Two ten-pulls

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It’s curious how the odds for the combo bag (wayland+morgan) are unknown… so I guess they’re 0%?


I done 10 pulls got 1 normal 5* and rest 4* terrible

did 3 10 pulls hoping for wayland and of course, I got morgan. Morgan I hear is good but I really wanted wayland.

It has rick, barker, shiva, not normal wheel

Faction mate have him, he is a destroyer in attack