Anyone pulling for 6* Connor?

O u bet im pulling for him… from the ascendance pool


You should absolutely not pull for conner when he is f2p thats just non sense. Far as how he can be place in teams he is definitely good for both attack and defense. Good for attack because of his defense down and with everyone having rick he can go off quickly. Personally I use bonus ap weapons on my rick lead on attack so my other colors like shiva can pop off at the same rate. On defense behind a carl lead he is great for the Attack down to up to 3 enemies which can really slow down a raid and with conner being 66 ap he will pop round 2 with Glenn command. Give him AD on defense.

No point in pulling for me anywhere, especially ascendance when RNG is hellbent on screwing me over every time I go for a specific toon.

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There is a good chance I may pull for him.

This seems like a good thread to insert a poll

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No Sir but I was lucky enough to get him from ascendables and I really think he will be a fun addition to my teams.

No lol (7cha…)

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I’m not pulling for anything until my factions FA tickets are paid and I get the >2k coins I’m owed from tapjoy.
If scopes want $$$ they can cough up what I’m currently owed first.

He’s a good all-rounder.

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Why start a 2nd thread?

For the badge

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I pulled him from ascension 2nd try :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I need that badge too what i have to do to get it?

I think you have to share somebody’s post, or make a new post yourself with a link leading to somebody else’s post

So he is now can be pull from ascendables? Who knows plz

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Yeah you can get conner from the ascension pool from ascending your 4 star yellow giving that you get lucky

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Cool. I’ll try right now. Connor seems cool character. Thanks🤗

I’m not lucky :pensive:I’ve never seen this character before. Shitty one​:nauseated_face:

Burned 7 ascensions not even gator or Connor. 10s from the FF 13k offer did the trick lol

Did two yellow ascensions…got 2 Connors. Oo