Anyone pulled Alice?

Anyone successfully pulled for the current Alice in the wheel and RECEIVED her?

10 4* (7 sim)

Nope havnt gotten her

The pull rate suck now. Tried more than I should have and got nothing for it. Managed to trade in a crapload of 4* though for Depot points that I will never use


I’ve actually seen a lot of people with her

Nope stopped pulling for anyone to many fails, will work with what I have and grind when needed, RNG sucks


Last CRW I ran into ONE team with her. She is an offensive toon so I don’t know how people would see her unless you are getting raided by her.

I am at that point too. Before I actually had a good outlook on pulls, now I don’t even feel like I have that 1% chance.

5 big pulls (200) got 5 non ascendables, that’s it for me

I haven’t pulled for a toon since 1st time lydia came out, but decided to give this one a go. Did 4 ten pulls and she was toon #40. Phew. All other 39 were 4*s


Two 10 pulls and one big pull


some guy from my faction got really lucky and got her on his free pull.

You have to keep in mind it’s 1% chance to get a 6*. not 1% chance for alice.


Had enough only for 10 pull, tried and all 4*s :cry:

I Would love to. But no.

Alice is great but i dont have the toons to surround jer so nope

Yep. You have to divide the number of 6s on the wheel on that 1% so it is more like 0.0005% chance of pulling Alice.

Such great odds.


but the twist is its a. Random s. Club pull in. A. Mini reigion kermit sudoku. Exe


10 big pulls same and that 1% isn’t even for the featured toon lol

If you pull 40, you spend less than doing 4 10 pulls correct?

Yes, unless you get the toon you want on the first 3 10 pulls.

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