Anyone pull new clem yet?


I got really lucky!


Good for you! Do you have enough gear to upgrade her?


To t3 I do


At this point I just feel… Empty.
I put my full weight behind this and that’s all I have to show for it. Honestly Scopely has skewed the odds so badly promos are all but unobtainable to FTP players, so why even bother trying? For something to become addicting it has to work at least once.


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its still a p2p 6 star would u rather have gotten a none acendale character for all your hard work…i have done hard work pulls and got a 5 star i return so getting a p2p 6 star please stop complaining may not be the best but something is better than nothing


Honestly the fact the it’s one of the worst 6 stars just makes it even more insulting than if it wasn’t any.


just because its kinda crappy you should not complain id kinda even give it to ya if it were 5 star harlan verson but its a solid 6 star so please don’t compain


Getting a 6-star you will never use is just about the same thing as pulling a 4-star. It’s trash. Expensive trash.


You mean nice smelling trash


I’d love her.
Missed on Dev as reward and I’m in desperate need of a tank with active skill that gives status.

All my reds have either focus or get rid of burn, confuse and the odd stun and impair removal.


It depends on the toon. Like I seriously doubt Beta, for example, smells nice. :wink:

A post-apocalyptic world and good hygiene do not go together at all.


Aside from the fact that I would trade a useless 6* against a 4* I really want any day. :wink:


Got her with a 10 pull and 3 singles. She has future f2p toon written all over her but I’ll find something to do with her


Not worth pulling for even with a stun gun :confused:


Anyone know how much she heals herself from her specialist skill? I know it’s based on ar but how much does she actually heal


It’s based on her ap. If she has 10 ap at the beginning of a turn, then that amount is turned into hp.

Edit, there does appear to be multiplier.


the highest i`ve heard it goes is around 350 hp


10 pull 3 singles need topo maps ugh



AP x 3. 5

Isn’t huge