Anyone pull any 5*'s from the prestige pull that wasn't on the wheel?

I just pulled from the Prestige tokens and got a Konrad (I’d show a pic if I had actually taken one.). I looked through the wheel and saw he wasn’t there, so i’m guessing there are invisible toons also in there? Scopely, could you go in more detail?

(please don’t take that konrad away he’s the best toon i’ve gotten in a long time)

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I think that the Wheel Pictures aren´t upgraded.

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Very nice pull @sirmatt101 I wish I could make an amazing pull like that, although some people say konrad is worthless, probably the people that already have konrad but would rather have more 6* toons.

Well the only thing i got from prestige tokens was 4* i am sooo unlucky but there is some chracters that are on there and nobody can see

I wish we didn’t have to wait to see that wheel go all the way around. I wish we could scroll through it at our own pace. I also wish it was more updated to show everything that you can pull instead of having some hidden toons in there.


I pulled blue Shane and commander gresus from the wheel. They’re not in the picture either…



This isn’t my picture but yes this is from prestige wheel.

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He’s a decent speed bump at this point, still a great pull and will probably be a great 6* if they every ascend him.

If that’s not enough proof look at the background


Right, I mean come on, it could be a bug but who knows. If you take advantage of bugs and exploits then you suffer the consequences if caught.

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How is pulling from tokens exploiting?


As my luck would have it, pulled 4* Richard…
It seems that if you are lucky to pull a 5* that 5* will be one from the premier recruits wheel.

This could be the norm, since we don’t get many prestige pulls.

But I’m willing to bet that this is another bug and will be dealt the same way the airplane mode from the armory was, with a silent update.

Scopely won’t acknowledge this bug and who got lucky will keep the chars and all the others will demand compensation and/or refund.

Let’s wait and see.

Count yourself lucky, I’ve had numerous prestige pulls and only ever pulled 4*, would love to pull any 5* lol

I just got blue Kay, never heard of her before

Didn’t Shane post details of what the updated wheel was? Lots of decent prem characters have gone in.

konrad is very useful with stun

I got yellow Dwight and blue Kay.

The Prestige Wheel gets the characters from Premiere Recruits. I pulled Blue Shane from there😉