Anyone playing any of these other walking dead games?

I gave walking dead no man’s land, March to war and the new AR our world a try. Anyone else play them and prefer them over RTS? I hate to admit but I think RTS is the best android walking dead game

Yeah I know March to war has the worse art style ever and portrait mode is a massive turn off

Yeah I think I recall it. There’s a fear the walking dead run also but I don’t like FTWD

I play No Man’s Land and used to play March to War

Come Sunday my family and I pull up some tables in front of the TV and grab our mobile devices and when TWD comes on we all just watch and play our game of choice. It is really fun and makes commercials less of a pain. I do play 2, No Mans Lands and Road To Survival.

I really like the game play in no man’s land but I’m super confused about all the buildings and stuff you need to upgrade. I redownlaoded it after a while and the tutorial completely skipped my mind

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Sounds awesome!

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I didn’t know you make videos. I will check you out.

I just make one here and there lol

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I tried MTW a week or two ago. Couldn’t get into it. If anything, I would have gotten bored of it REAL QUICK like when I first saw FFXV: ANK and was absolutely disappointed with what I saw. Might as well be another typical medieval civilization game or whatnot. With NML, I hate that there’s no instant kill for walkers so dealing with Bruisers and Stunners is annoying as hell. And as far as upgrading characters, it’s tedious as hell. I may be use to it in games like Star Wars: GOH but having to promote skills before I can promote their rarity? No thanks. And having to be a certain level to upgrade my council to upgrade my buildings to increase my level more? C’mon.

I may give shit to Scopely for RNG and other things that get at me but arguably, it’s just one of those things that is better than other things.

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No man’s land was ok. Did like the token system you could build them up to unlock good characters like Rick Michonne etc…

No Man’s Land is from the show. March to war I haven’t been able to play since their first update. Our world I haven’t tried out yet. TWD Encounter isn’t a game, but you could collect walkers & take pictures like your there with them. Topps has TWD & Fear TWD virtual card collection app.

Road to survival is the best town building the walking dead game in my opinion, beating out march to war and no man’s land. I think the telltale games are the best add on to the story though. Rts is less story and more character collecting wish fulfillment for me

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NAH all about surrvial instinct 100% legit best Twd game intense story out of this world contrals never-ending zombies extremely hard walkers like to be a bit grabby happy
5/5 must play or you no life TOTAL MUST PLAY #survivalshitstinctdabest

Uh the Daryl and Merle game? It’s not for android… But speaking of, Overkill’s the walking dead looks very promising

Tried NML, and wound up deleting it within a few hours of downloading it. Just couldn’t get into it.

I tried NML and really couldn’t get into it. Granted, I tried it really early and at the time there were no characters from WD except for Darryl doing the tutorial.

Tried MTW and tried it for a couple weeks I think. It uses Game of War mechanics and I don’t like those. Plus there seemed to be no way of defending yourself from attacks so I quickly gave up when I got attacked. I actually liked the stylized art style, but it’s not for everyone.

I never heard of Our World, I might try it. Although it kinda seems like Pokémon Go and that game isn’t that great for where I live.