Anyone played Rise of Kingdoms?

Anyone done this? I think it’s like 18k coins right now. Is this one of those tapjoy offers they dont pay? How long did it take you if you did it f2p? Any tips/tricks/advice?

I did it, it took a while maybe little less than a month. Join a clan, helos some. Its basically just another settlement game pretty straightforward

Lol it’s actually a better game then this one hahaha

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Working on it now, other similar tapjoy offers have paid out for me (except the Final Fantasy one). Getting to level 17 isn’t quick.

I did it, I played probs an hour a day for 3 weeks or so, but I enjoyed the game.

working on it now too…level 14. It is a grind but hopefully it pays out.

Sweet as game. Really enjoyed it and got 15k coins for it. Highly recommended.

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Agreed, I quit rts to play this and dont regret it for a second. It is heavy p2w but still fun and has something for both spender and non spender.

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I just finished it last night, completely free. Took me about 6 weeks, and I was fairly diligent about constantly upgrading buildings.

working on this one as well. Think i started lvl 15 last night. the last few upgrades get expensive and start taking days to complete. i recommend checking online for upgrade requirements and just focus on those buildings. They have a nice in game calendar that lets you know when events are starting and ending( go look how its done scopely). The events are a decent way to get resources. Complete the daily task that gets you resources and gems along the way. Should be doable FTP in 30 days.

iOS we don’t get these offers☹️

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I just upgraded to town hall 15 and been playing little less than two weeks.
Lots of ways to grind it ftp, been enjoying it more than rts atm.

i have an old android i use just for tapjoy. Just recover your RTS on it if you happen to have one and you can do offers that way.

Can you move between iOS and android

Yes, just have to download rts and go through the tutorial on the android, then link the account with facebook.

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Only issue I’ve had from switching from my iPhone to android tablet is you won’t get the coins if you don’t transfer the main over before starting the offer.

You filthy opportunist :rofl:

The filthiest! I like to spell it opportoonist lol