Anyone on lvl 150 yet?


Any nutcase who is already lvl 150 and willing to share the rewards?


Seen one of the top league players have already reached it… no idea what they got, but would love to see a whole list of what you get per lvl


Some1 posted this in line


people missing braincells. Why the fuck would someone spend so much to reach lvl 150 when they`ll have to wait another year for a lvl cap increase


No but I just hit 126 :slight_smile:


rumour is it took over 3000 WE jugs (my guess would have been 3-4 SR tourneys)

also: rewards

(Edit: extra k)


So it seems we get 25 tapes and kits for every 5 lvls correct?


Only one I’ve seen leagues ahead of the competition. Personally I question the legitimacy but I also cant say since I dont know them just saw them in league list. 137 is the next highest I have seen


@Nemesischilton was the first to reach 150, he’s a machine


An arms race casino where the house always wins. Jackpot!!



Rumor is, he has over 3000 WE jugs (not 3000k). 25 jugs of the XP map was enough for one level, and the XP per level is constant for each level, so that’s 625 cans. Way less than 3000. If he had both XP territories, it’s even less.

Still a beast, but I didn’t want rumors to grow more :slightly_smiling_face:


in awe at the level of this lad. absolute unit


agreed with whitewolf18 why someone spend cans and then cry for a year to up the level for 200. i means dpend ur normal energies nd enjoy step by step


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