Anyone notice the inability to get huge Ap on weps?


My last 6 attempts have all failed.

All 3 weps I attempted on twice (failed crit to VL qnd second failed cept to VL again)
Maybe I’m just unlucky. But gotta ask.


Yeah I get it all the time I think it’s all just about luck


Got huge without pk earlier on a stun gun Definetly luck


I usually get huge. Absolute, stun, and impair are all another story, but my luck has been pretty good at getting critical success on basic stats. Then again I only craft if I have PKs and both of the crit territories.


8 attempts to get huge on Alpha’s chainsaw. Guess you can say that’s “unlucky”


My last attempts were to put huge AP bonus on two M16s with +30% crit. Both succeeded. But I have noticed that I craft two weapons at the same time, one will crit, the other will not. And most of the time, it’s the worst special that activates when enemy’s HP is below 30%.


got it this morning hopefully it works better on her


Nice setup but you should get some stun resistance mods on her if she doesn’t have abs def. easy to stun her and build ap


She has stun resist but its Bronze


Just I have double failed for huge ap. And gotten VL
1 stun gun
2 x stun green
1 ab def
All double failed this week.


First 2 times I tried to I got huge ap.


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