Anyone looking to transfer?

So who is thinking about transferring? Have a somewhat active region looking to add more new blood to the mix. As for my faction we are a great bunch but lack slightly at the night shift. Looking for those who are interested in joining a great faction to push up the boards and have fun together anyone interested?

I like this guy. Intense text and does not say where or anyhing… Sorry bud not leaving mine :slight_smile:


Will gladly share where to and which faction of course to those who are interested. No reason to say so until then. Not a big secret sure you can find what region I am from by just looking. But if you do decide you may find it enjoyable haha. I guess the same could say of myself in transferring but trying to pull in more to my region rather than leave so we shall see how it pans out.


Some have left hart, not everyone. There are quite a few that are staying put in Hart actually. Maybe for the most part the majority of the “top 2” factions have left. Those that enjoy the game are still there with quite a few diverse factions that are half F2P and half not. It is a nice mix actually and does leave intrigue I suppose you can say.

Assuming you thought everyone left Hart because a few of the “top” players found their way into your region. Everyone talks about moving but when it comes down to it everyone is waiting and seeing how it really plays out I suposse which in a sense is what me and my faction mates are doing but I highly doubt at this current moment any of us will leave.

Wouldn’t say dead completely but less active tha others I suppose you could say yes. Still enjoying it none the less though

Zombie monkies in hart has many f2p players. And several UK players. We r looking to add more. We have a strong US night shift players but need more of them. If your interested let me know.

Does Hart have a line chat? Looking for someone that transferred in

Red from the block…

Yayyyyy!!! I had to use special ops training to track u down!

Send me a pm