Anyone looking for a wave 2 faction?

If anyones looking for a wave 2 faction that is organized and puts in work, come check us out, you can add my line and i will invite you to our chat so you can get a feel for us. We place top 10 easy in CRW and 1st in events, looking for active players who can put up points in events and love to war. War is the biggest thing, we have a schedule where you pick the times, this helps make sure everyone gets to get in and get milestones and keeps us warring non stop, we take about 30 seconds to fill, we dont body. This fac isnt for casuals but not a fac for people who want to compete with facs such as AP, EG or TTT, etc. We have players from all over the world and we are a family here, we look out for our own. If you are an active player, looking for a wave 2 faction that is decently strong and organized, then come check us out. Add me on Line app, my ID is ssinless. I will add you to our recruit chat and you can read the notes where everything is posted in more detail and ask any questions you may have.

Bump it up baby!

Nah im stuck in wave 1 but wanna go die quietly in wave 3 :confused:

Yea the waves thing is silly and no one wants it