Anyone know when we will ever be able to use these gear tokens

Just received some more gear tokens but cant use them. Will we ever be able to?

Sitting at 5100 as of now…

It has been answered on Discord but I don’t think I can post the screenshot for fear of being suspended.

That token is meant to be gear markers. They will be sending us the proper amount of gear markers in our inbox. I have already received mine.

Go in game to the news icon. Gear Token Compensation is about this

They created and pinned a thread on it but for some reason it doesn’t show up on my main forum page

Yeah I know inwas compensation but doesnt answer what to do with the gear tokens now that we have them

Do nothing with them. They compensated us, those tokens are useless now. They will sit there until either one day Scopely removes them or Scopely’s reuses them by mistake and you luck out.

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They need to have other ms rewards cause gear markers are bs

They need to make the gear markers more worthwhile. Improve the gear in the store, including adding legendary gear and lower the costs and allow people to buy in multiple. Right now besides food every now and then, I have no use for the 1.2 million gear markers I have.

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