Anyone know the best place to get legendary trainers?


Anyone know where you can get legendary trainers often on world map? I still have yet to have one drop


13.3 13.5 23.8


Got them on 13.3 from farming. 23.8 from salvage tokens, 16.1 and 19.3 from farming as well.


If you pay veeeeeeery close attention, there is an easter egg the game you might catch once or twice if you are lucky.

Sometimes, late at night, if you just keep $urviving long enough, and are valued… you can notice a very subtle pop up that will allow you to buy a chance to get them for some very reasonable prices.

But you better hurry, these super special ‘offers’ won’t last for long!

Good luck… and keep $urviving!!!


I got 6 of them in 13.5, 2 times I didn’t even have a faction helper.


The easiest way to get legendary trainers is to prepare your wallets and money paks, and hope that the next annoying pop up offer has them for sale. Smh…


I find Target or Walmart the best. Aisle 26, about halfway down on your left hand side, middle shelf.


Use the AR scav mission