Anyone know next promo?

Anyone have pics/stats of next promo toon?



Yeah that’s cool, but what does that have to do with me asking what the next toon was going to be, so that I may decide if I want to use the free coins I got from 1 of the bags that we got for playing free? Remember the roadmap? The bag had either Benedicts or coins. Yeah, that bag. #playerunited;)


Idk but I hope it’s a leader.

I hope it will be No promo ever again

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They put Green (strong trait) Amber just a bit ago. Not worth coins imo, does nothing to add any synergy to my existing toons

I guess you don’t get coins from leagues. That’s not good.

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I’ve been debating on getting her but I’m gonna save my coins until there’s a good leader in premier.

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next promo is Raven, ill probably buy a few 10 pulls worth of coins

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#PlayersUnited. Will not pull or spend.

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Good luck🤗

That was discussed already. Has nothing to do with my post.

I’m not spending. Fundamental reading is sorely lacking at this point. Not pulling with free coins is just stupid lol. You can do that. You realize that player united isn’t about not pulling, right? Tell me you’re joking lol

Yeah it’s raven right now, tho the other toons in the wheel aren’t great and the butter for 50 pulls isn’t the best bonus imo so might want to wait for the next one

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Yeah, I agree. Maybe they’ll release mose S class toons soon

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your comment. It appears maybe you are calling me stupid and saying I don’t understand what playersunited is? I mean I guess it is possible that what you say is true. But why would anyone insult someone over their choices in this game that do not impact them at all?


Everyone is free to contribute to Players United as they see fit. If someone thinks not pulling at all is the right thing then that’s their choice. If someone uses free coins then that’s there choice too. Either is perfectly fine

It’s called trolling you tool I can read I just dont care all you fools who keep worrying about broken promos and buying them with free or bought coins are why this game wont ever get fixed or any better. Why would they ever bother improving it if you lemmings keep following them until they lead you off the cliff.

Calling me mean is mean of you. There, all settled.