Anyone in decatur? Need favour


I’ve had to get a new phone as my old one broke… since doing so I cannot get into my old line account and for now I’m stuck as a noob in weakley until support respond.

Anyone that’s in Pickens can you reach out to legion of pychos and tell add me to line dread672.

Much obliged if anyone can assist…

Mean its war an I’ve gone MIA


Anyone done it for you?

Nope Haha

Your my only hope so far

Okay dude


That the right region?

I’m gonna war, I’ll check back later, just tag me and lemme know if they did or didnt add you

What’s the free gift at the top right?

Right region cheers… if don’t hear back I’ll tag you again.

Much obliged kind person


I didnt hang around long enough to find out.

Sorry dude still waiting for them or anyone Haha…

When get a chance can you revisit an PM Gray directly in my faction she is a co lead and will contact me on that new line account



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Oh. That’s garbage.

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Thanks again for that… I sit an wait…

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Am so sorry I led you on merry dance I realised I’m an total idiot… transferred last week to Decatur…

No wonder no reply from Pickens that’s old region…

Anyone in Decatur

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For the total balls up I’ve made I feel that’s justified…

Top tip don’t transfer an forget where you are… in my defence only moved in last week

I fear this is gonna go well with support too…

Was in Pickens then moved Decatur…

@Judge-Dreadful They said theyve replaced you, sorry.

Oh wait…

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Thank you again for that… been picked up.

Next step account recovery.

Owe you


I mean I’m in Decatur if you need any help still

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Well update support dealt with my transfer of account to new phone swiftly and effectively. Cannot fault support.

Cannot support the community here either from help offered thank you

@LadyGeek can you close this when get chance after war thankyou

Edit: massive thanks to you @Stryder tho