Anyone hoarding 5stars Epics?


Just Curious if anyone else is keeping duplicate Epics in hopes they may become great Legendarys at some point??
It’s a dream I know but I have been saving quite a few.


Collecting toons is fun I find if I collect it feels less painful getting a toon i dont want because I can always just go at least I can collect it


I usually use benedicts, dupes of 3+, or yumikos as sacrifice for ascending.


Yup at least one of each, use duplicates and previous ascended 6s as fodder. I like it because as soon as I ascend someone, their 5 automatically will become fodder, or when I have the 5* already, they become fodder. Like crossing them off an invisible checklist.


150 5*
(20 ascenable)
18 6*

I would ascend more but ascension medals limit progress.


Damn W lol


Only because of trash pulls and 4-star ascendance. I would sacrifice them in a second but I have been flush with bennedicts and haven’t needed to do so yet. As soon as the need arises goodbye dupes!

It will take them another 30 years to get a dozen more legacy toons ready. The game will long be gone by then.


I do the same, I like collecting! Also gives me something to level for all these level ups :slight_smile:


Get that gov ascended asap. He’s a green killer. Worth the incredibly long wait.


Epics? Yes. Dupes? No. Unfortunately, the only epic dupe I got in a while is Lilly from ascendance. Other than that, a new epic every pull or ascendance. Nine times out of ten with a specialist skill no less. Yet Carl, Ty, Abe, and Shiva have avoided me like I got the plague.


34 6s. That’s a nice count. You been busy.

I think there are 4 more that i have that I would actually ascend if I could.

Sitting on 90k 5s tokens also waiting to see what changes they make.


I hoard at least one of all epics but roster space is starting to limit that option

34 6s
225 epics ( a few dupes that were levelled pre 6)
27 ascendable although half of them I would never do

currently waiting on medal backlog to ascend. yellow rick. kelly. Lucas. kal. shiva #4. tyreese #2. Mira #2. they need to stop throttling us with these medals