Anyone here from the south of England or IOW?

Anyone? Be interested to know if anyone plays from where I am :call_me_hand:t2:

London. That is not south. Technically.

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Depends which side of the river you are.

Oh and @Mrchinful, there won’t be anyone here from IOW. I don’t think even dial up Internet has reached there yet


I am in England if that counts.

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We are a bit behind but not that far :wink: iow myself haha

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You think?

I separate London and the Home Counties.


One is distinctly Tory and a lil bit “voting in ann widdecombe with a landslide every time regardless of the dross they have for policies” (before she retired, obvs) and Nigel Farage territory now, the other (London) is a lil bit more liberal in its outlook.


Eh? Anything south of Nottingham is South. (Midlands don’t count, they are fence sitters)

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I was born in Southsea, so I come from the south!

If i’m talking about London, I say London. The south is everything else (apart from London) from the Severn and the wash. More or less.

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Yes, but a healthy rejection of tory nonsense doesn’t change the geographical position of the big smoke…

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I’ve heard people suggest that the North starts at the Watford Gap.

I’ve also seen public school twats claim it starts at Watford…

Technically it’s south east.

If we’re going by bbc newsrooms, it’s not the south. The south has like no news Ever so my parents get the football results from Saturday on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and if monday’s A Bank Holiday, sometimes also on a Tuesday. Smh.

Neither does the south east from what i’ve Gleaned. The London one does, albeit mainly tube strikes.

im from west midlands

It was the big debate in the uni days. I went to Newcastle, so the Geordies thought anything South of the Tyne was The South… We did manage to get them to compromise once to anything South of Teeside.

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Cornwall here

A few then, no one else from the Isle of Wight then, not on the forums anyway

I’m from Lancing which is between Brighton and Worthing. That might make me your closest!!!

I think you are mate yeah haha

You’ll be happy to know that I’m currently working on rolling out multiple upgrades across the IoW on O2 & Vodafone networks…so you can keep on surviving without loss of signal…lol

Hahaah Shame I’m on three then :man_facepalming:t2: