Anyone have the prizes for the level up tomorrow

Don’t have access to the 100% VK site.

Thanks in advance.



If only they had an event where they can give out some prizes based off that event…

Just saying but have we played this game long enough to already know what the rewards are gonna be a mile away? Just seems like someone always asks what the rewards are going to be for a tourney every week.

I asked so i can prepare accordingly. 2 million points is not the issue. I have a 100k that I need to prep. If the 2 million prize is something i need, i would prep for max points.

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But these rewards are different, last time it was strong persona.

On the 1st three, they should do the same has CRW and give tokens instead.

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This one is 200k and done.

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My desperate F2P ass is gonna go to 1,250k. Got one watch and two radios. And I plan to ascend Wyatt.

Good luck!

Good luck. I do like it so much better when it’s not a rng box/bag. I went all out and did 2.8 a few back for that double holster. Still recovering. Don’t need coins but I do want the badges. Also no 100k as usual so theres that too.

The red bag, is that legendary gear bag? I hope it is!

Just sent off a YGL, may abort it & hope Where Theres Smoke pops up instead for the free world refill :rofl:

Anybody know what time it start? 10:00am PST?

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Normally when the promo ends. So in 5 hours time would be my guess

Sounds right. I live on the east coast and most things start at 1pm for me. But you never know, because Scopely. lol