Anyone have the armory chart?

Anyone have the armory chart? I dont feel like looking it up every time I forget a weapon thing…

The chart doesn’t matter. You’ll still get horrible stats unless you have both crit territory. Even with those you’ll get horrible results. Im still trying to craft abs def, but earl keeps giving me bad results.

He can use it to see what he wants to put on weapon, your comment doesn’t make sense. He never said the chart will mean success on crafting


Yes it does make sense. Im saying he could look at the chart for what he wants to put on his weapons, but in the end it’ll take hundreds of tries to get a good result, even with crit territory buffs.

He needs the chart to know which one to craft, for the desired effect. How many tries it takes is an unrelated factor.


That’s all luck… I’ve gotten abs def twice without crit territories…

Still haven’t gotten impair on attack or defense

Look at this thing I found a year later.

All the possible outcomes with crit success: