Anyone have lots of bugs recently?


Just to name a few. 1.Have been getting stunned for no reason 2.not gaining ap when I should be 3.Guardian still showing when they don’t have guardian. It doesn’t really bother me but curious what are some other bugs anyone has experienced recently?


All those. Stunned toons AR going off.


yep all of those, thought i was crazy when my toons got stunned and the opponent had no stun weapon. My Shivas AP not gaining during several matches and seen a few Carl’s being shielded when they shouldnt have been


Since the last war, the usually “Cannot attack stronghold until war starts” crap. And I seem to notice some teammates are being healed in raids after taking damage but I don’t have any weapons that can do that equipped on them. I think it happens sometime after Tripp goes off.


Getting confused when the op doesn’t have confused on ant toons.


Got all that. Guardian shield showing after removal confused me several times.


Another notable bug : x3 speed which sometimes block a character. Need to disable it to get rid of the problem. Annoying when you’re speed running raids and war


One I came across twice this war - an opponent’s toon is behind a Guardian shield, their AR is almost but not fully charged, I hit them once to break their shield which does no damage and shouldn’t add AP for them, yet they rush the following turn without a commander/AP gain active skill etc.


Not just in CRW but in normal raids.

I have noticed Erika is able to use her rush when her AP is NOT at full amount.

This mainly happens on one of my (temp) ex team members who is taking a break. I dont believe him to be cheating or anything, i stunned his glenn command, checked if i needed to impair Erika but didnt so hit Glenn again and she revived a dead toon and increased AP. There was no logical way that should have happened.

~Ive also noted it happen elsewhere, ive changed my game up a little to constantly check on AP build up to keep all 5 toons alive but its showing inconsistencies in AP build up