Anyone have ideas for a legit time out or chain revive teams?

Been working with Lydia but man she’s slow to fire off that ar even with huge ap on atk. Open to all suggestions

Don’t have to put it on blast you can slide to the dms and we’ll discuss it lol

You asking for ideas on how to make one, or combat one?

Asking for ideas on how to make one. Have all the tools needed to do so. Just starting to think the chain revive/ shield heal meta is slowly going downhill lol

Whatcha mean homie? U got some advice? It can go down in the dms if you’d like lol

lydia?? LOL use dante lead with 2 gabe eric and glenn and see the forum go mad :grimacing:

Lydia and 4x Jessie.

Need an 8% weapon so she pops a round earlier

Now they all know!


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